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Reginald Dunlap Interior Design

Reginald W. Dunlap, Founding Partner and Principal Interior Designer of Reginald Dunlap Interior Design, possesses a talent along with a passion and true affinity for interior design. His approach to interior design has afforded him the opportunity to work internationally for clients around the world.

For Dunlap, understanding how a client truly lives helps to create a remarkably obvious cohesiveness, which translates into successful projects. He consistently delivers excellence for his clients with his innovative interior designs and flawless execution of projects. Hoteliers, international developers and private residential clients have entrusted Dunlap to bring their visions for design to reality.

Over the years, Dunlap has been fortunate to have studied and worked with many great designers from numerous parts of the globe. He credits his tailored and sometimes surrealist notions of design to many seasoned mentors. Travel, art, an affinity for diversity and immersion into cultures abroad has honed his unique take on Interior Design.

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