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5 Effective Sales Techniques for Home Improvement Companies

As a company in the home improvement industry, it is imperative that your team is using the best sales techniques. You should be actively working to improve your closing rates to ensure that you aren’t wasting your time by going out to quote jobs that you will never land.

Here are a few of the most effective ways to up your conversion rate and close more sales every year:

Focus on Referrals – Studies show that referrals are one of the most dependable sources of new income, no matter what business you’re in. However, they are especially important in the home improvement business. If you haven’t created a referral reward program, now is the time!

Provide Valuable Information – Consumers want to know how your services will improve or simplify their lives. Hard selling techniques don’t work. Instead, focus on providing them great information and industry secrets that will get them ready to buy.

Ask Plenty of Questions – Instead of pushing products, you should be learning about your customers. Ask questions about their home and what would make their home better. Ask them what they know about your company. Let them do 90% of the talking and spend your 10% providing a real solution.

Prove Yourself – In a room full of competitors, what makes you different? Are your products or services better than those of the other guys? Make it clear that you have something more to offer.

Don’t Waste Time – It seems that we’re all in a hurry these days. Don’t waste time repeating information or oversharing your story. Focus on what you have to offer and make it directly relevant to the consumer. If you spend time telling your whole company history, the consumer will tune out even before you get to the part about your products.

The best way to start gathering referrals and making face-to-face contact with potential new customers is at the next Miami Home Show. You can put these home improvement sales techniques to the test for yourself when you set up a booth at the Miami Home and Design Show where thousands of South Florida residents will come to learn about this year’s greatest home improvement products and services.

You can book your home improvement exhibition booth through the Home Shows website, and learn more about upcoming dates. Please contact us for more information.

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