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A Stylish Home Isn’t Complete without Clean Water

As many as 63 million Americans may be consuming water that’s
tainted with unsafe levels of chemicals, contaminants, and microplastic debris.
Unfortunately, unless you’ve verified the purity of your home’s water, it’s
likely that your water is tainted.

What can you do to protect your family?

1. Do your research. Type your zip code into the Environmental Working Group’s
tap water database at EWG.org, or request a water report from your local facility.
You may be surprised to find that even though the water in your home tastes and
looks pure, it may be far from it.

2. Test your water. You can buy an at-home test at your local hardware store,
or request a test from a state-certified lab. Testing will ensure that you know
the true nature of the water you and your family are drinking every day.

3. Invest in a home water filtration system. A Brita filter only puts a
Band-Aid on a much larger issue.  Most
homes require a full filtration system to guarantee the water is safe. There
are many brands that remove certain contaminants and chemicals, but few remove
them ALL.

Investing in a gold standard system is worth the expense to
eliminate all chances of chemicals or bacteria being present in your home’s

Invicta Green is proud to provide commercial-grade water
purification technology, now available for homeowners. We’ve adapted advanced
bioscience technology commercial solutions and scaled them down for private

Taking the proper steps to remove anything that is impure from
your home’s water is one of the single most important health moves you can
make. With a product like Invicta Green’s Water Science line, we guarantee the
water that enters your home is at least 99.999999% pure.

To learn more about our industry-leading water filtration
technology, visit Invicta Green at Booth #2017, go to www.InvictaGreen.com, or
call 305-230-6576.

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