Best Houseplants for South Florida Residents


House plants can add a personal touch to any room, as well as a fresh burst of color. However, you should be sure to select plants that thrive in an indoor environment with limited room to grow and filtered sunlight.

In South Florida, there are a variety of plants that fit these requirements. Below are some of the best plants for Florida homes:

Spider Plants

Spider plants are highly resilient plants that thrive indoors when they are in indirect sunlight. They tend to grow and spread little tendrils from place to place, but they can be contained with some careful trimming. They are also known for keeping the air in your house clean by filtering out harmful chemicals.


Lush green succulents can be a beautiful addition to any indoor garden. They store water in their leaves, and they come in all different shapes with a variety of colorful accents. They grow best in shallow dishes which means you won’t have to buy any large heavy pots.

Peace Lilies

If you’re looking for a statement piece, a giant vase full of Peace Lilies will do the trick. This is one of the best plants for Florida and the broad leaves make a bold impact on any room. They grow best out of direct sunlight and will surprise you with gorgeous white blooms.

Bamboo Palm

A part of the palm family, the Bamboo Palm is one of those incredible Florida shrubs with plenty of character. They do best in cool humidity out of direct sunlight, which can burn their leaves.


These delicate flowers are a favorite for Florida gardening. Their iconic look comes in many colors and can add a sense of flow to any room. They love bright light, but they should be kept away from south-facing windows where they could burn.

Adding plants indoors is a great way to improve air quality in your home and reconnect with the nature right outside your doors. The best plants for South Florida are those that already thrive in the region’s heat and humidity, but do well with low maintenance indoors. These are just a few of our favorites that people have been raising indoors for years!

If you would like more Florida home gardening tips, or if you’re looking to purchase these Florida plants, we invite you to attend a Home Design and Remodeling Show. At either the Miami or Fort Lauderdale Show, you can speak with many gardening experts and shop for a variety of marvelous plants.

The knowledge and products you gain will help you add more life and beauty to your South Florida home.

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