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Culinary Inspiration: Eating is One of Life’s Greatest Pleasures

By Robyn Webb, MS:  Award-winning cookbook author, nutritionist,
and the Food Editor of Diabetes Forecast.

The Fort
Lauderdale Home Design and Remodeling Show
is pleased to introduce Robyn Webb to the Culinary Experience
Cooking Stage. We’ve asked our featured Chefs to provide some tips to help
enhance your holiday and family meal planning. Here’s what Robyn advises:

As a nutritionist
who really wears her chef’s toque most of the time, I’ve always taught that
taste and flavor are even more important than nutrients alone. If your food
doesn’t taste good, what’s the point in promoting good health. In my expertise
as a diabetes educator, the first concern my clients have is about their food.
Many fear their new diagnosis will prevent them from enjoying the foods they
love.  But including a wide variety of
delicious food is critical for the success of long term diabetes care.

The current
nutritional guidelines for people with diabetes encourages the consumption of
fruits, vegetables, lean protein, whole grains and low fat dairy.  And according to recommendations, the portion
size needs to go down, but it’s important that the flavor goes up! Here are my
best suggestions for preparing healthy, comforting foods that will have
everyone asking for seconds.

  • Add
    spices, herbs, low sodium soy sauce, and citrus juice and zest to your cookies.
    You’ll perk up any bland flavors and using these doesn’t add additional fat or
  • Use small
    amounts of nuts, seeds and strong flavored hard cheeses like Parmigiana
    Reggiano. A little goes a long way to adding depth and character to any dish
    without going overboard on calories.
  • Learn how
    to make your own salad dressings! Wake up the flavor of salad ingredients with
    a really delicious homemade dressing. Bottled dressing can never compare with
    the one you make yourself. Try using walnut, pistachio or hazelnut oil.
    Experiments with flavored vinegars of raspberry, sherry, Herb or champagne.
  • Give the
    grocery store shopping a rest and seek out farmers’ markets and small producers
    instead. You’ll get super fresh food and some great conversation–probably with
    the actual farmer!

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