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“Cup Phones for the North Pole” by TV’s Linda Phan

The countdown has begun and we’re ready for this weekend’s Fort Lauderdale Home Show! If you love to DIY and ready to decorate for the holidays, don’t miss out on Linda’s decorating demos. 

Here’s a DIY “recipe” that she is sharing with us today:

Cup Phones for the North Pole

Put down your cell phones. And pick up … the North Pole telephone express! 

This holiday, I’m going to make this for the kids in an effort to get them off of their iPads. Also for selfish reasons because these are just so fun and I’ve always wanted to order milk and cookies over a cup phone! I’m excited to hear all the funny things the kids will say when calling the North Pole.


2 paper cups 

Nail or sharp point to poke hole in cups

String (cotton or fishing line) approx. 10-30 feet depending on how far apart the two cups will be


Colored markers


1. Using a nail, carefully poke a hole into the center of bottom of each paper cup. 

2. Decorate your cups! 

3. Thread each end of string into each hole. 

4. Tie a knot on each end of the string so that it doesn’t slip through the hole. You can tape it for a little extra hold. 

5. Now, with your new telephone cup line, “install” one end in a spot where the kids can make their call. 

6. The other end of the line should be within a straight line for it to work best. (Bonus points if you can conceal this one so that the adults can talk into this one without the kids hearing. If not, the kids will still have fun sharing messages from the North Pole back to home base! 

7. Pull line taught while one person speaks into cup and the other person puts their ear to the cup. 

8. Enjoy being a kid again! 

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