#DiningUp with Ann Ueno Interior Design

Ready to dine in style from home? #DiningUp is the
new dressing up! Ann Ueno has joined the “Stay at Home with the Home Show” lineup to show you six stylish ways to dine
in like you’re dining out!

New-ish to the Miami interior design scene, Ann
Ueno, owner of Ann Ueno Interior Design and Co-Owner of Miami Livinc Co, comes
from Chicago with an extensive background in hotels, digital merchandising and
design. A former executive at Starwood Hotels, Celebrity Cruises and BCV
Social, Ann brings leadership, business acumen, creativity and a healthy level
of risk-taking to her design projects.


Here are Ann’s six ways to join the #DiningUp movement:

  1. Create a theme – Set the tone for what kind of emotion you want to invoke
  2. Dress up – Put on the attire that fits the theme
  3. Create a playlist – Play some amazing music to add to the atmosphere
  4. Bring the outside in – Decorate your table with nature
  5. Setting the table – Layer your table with dining ware to match your theme
  6. Eat and Drink – Eat and drink what you love!

Watch Ann’s full presentation here:

#DiningUp with Ann Ueno Interior Design

“Best Lumber to Use for your Garden Projects” with Sara

On Monday, May 4th,
celebrity landscaper, Sara Bendrick will present Best Lumber to Use for your Garden
Projects. Sara, of Lawn and Order and I Hate My Yard, will talk
about the pros and cons of using different materials that we have on hand.

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7:30 pm
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