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Enjoy a Bug-Free Summer

It’s summertime again, which means the rainy season is upon us here in Florida. The excessive rains drive crawling insects into our homes in search of shelter. Without proper insect control they can nest, contaminate your food and damage your home. The wet season also contributes to an increase in mosquito populations. That means more biting insects in your outdoor spaces. 

There are so many different ways to prevent bugs from invading your home and outdoor areas. Hiring a pest control service can be effective but expensive. Candles and sprays are a temporary fix to a long-term problem. On top of it all, pesticides can do a lot more harm than good, killing your plants, causing environmental problems and causing health issues. 

While bugs can be a nuisance in the summer months, there is a solution that does more than just scare the bugs away. The Bask Mistmaster is a 3-in-1 Compact Misting System with simple and effective ways to take care of your home and outdoor spaces, year-round. 

Are there DIY pest control systems for my home?

Introducing the Mistmaster to your home! The 3-in-one Compact Misting System produces very fine droplets of a selected liquid and evenly distributes them across an area of your choice; unlike traditional spraying that don’t provide as much coverage, leaves surfaces wet to the touch and takes longer to dry. 

This DIY misting system helps take care of backyards to small businesses by combining several tools all into one. Here are some of the key uses of the Bask Mistmaster: 

– Protects you and your home from insects, indoors and outdoors

– Sanitizes large or small surfaces efficiently and thoroughly

– Protects and nurtures plants effectively

– Eliminates foul odors from your home 

How does it work?

There are 3 ways to use the Bask Mistmaster system. Each provide a different level of care for you and your home. 

Mist Blower: Use the powerful, built-in Mist Blower to quickly treat a large space or to focus on a specific area. With this method you can treat up to 111,000 square feet in just 20 minutes. This option is perfect for protecting your loved ones from mosquitos before a backyard party.

Misting Wand: The Misting Wand disperses mist in a cone shape to give you precise control of your application. Attach the handy Misting wand to treat hard-to-reach spots. The Wand also gives you good control of your treatment inside your home when treating for crawling insects.

Mist Station: Install a Bask Mist Station outside of your home. You can use the Overhead Kit on fences, porch railings and pergolas. Use the Riser Kit ground stakes to repeatedly treat a space with consistent coverage. For convenience, Bask has a long range remote so you can mist your yard from the comfort of your home..

Controlling Insects: Mist for bug-free spaces

Backyard BBQ’s are a must this summer but biting insects can ruin the fun. You don’t need to deal with pests like mosquitoes, no-see-ums and ticks. Bask also has a line of contact or residual insecticides to help get existing infestations under control. They also have repellents to keep new insect populations away. Mist up to one hour before an indoor or outdoor event and see noticeable differences. 

Cool Features of The Mistmaster

Along with the different spray methods, Bask has added some other cool features to ensure a smooth experience with the Mistmaster. By releasing fine droplets, the Mistmaster minimizes the amount of chemicals you’ll use while maximizing the size of the area you can treat. Their dripless feature prevents waste when the system is stopped. Load the Mistmaster with any of the wide range of treatments and you’re ready to go. The treatments include bio-based options that are as friendly to the environment as they are to people, pets and plants. To switch treatments, you simply flush the tank and tubing!

Misting is a great way to shield your space from insects before a busy day of outside activities. Just add water to the Mistmaster along with one of the Bask concentrates or solutions. You can keep everyone safe without the need for a pest service and will have no need to worry about biting insects! 

The Bask Mistmaster has been designed by a team of engineers with years of experience maintaining indoor and outdoor spaces in Florida’s challenging environment. The Bask Solutions team pride themselves on the quality, safety, and functionality of their products. 

They’ve made it work here, so you can be assured it will work anywhere! Visit their website at bask-solutions.com!

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