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#FLHomeShows Success Stories: Ryan O’Leary of Drva Wood Co.

Being based in South Florida for over forty years, we’ve
had the privilege of working with a lot of fantastic businesses. Through the
years, we’ve heard many stories and it’s great to know that being a part of the
Home Design and Remodeling Show has contributed towards the success of a


We spoke with Ryan
of Drva Wood Co. who has
shared his own success story. Here it is!


“I started my business (Drva Wood Co.) two years ago with
the intent to sell my products at large retailers in the home improvement space
and working with the Home Design and Remodeling Show helped me get there. At
Drva we take new wood and we put it through proprietary processes in order to
make it look like reclaimed wood. It is used for accent walls, wrapping bars
and kitchen islands, ceilings, barn doors, shelving, furniture and much more.
Reclaimed materials are very hard to find, are expensive and tend to be sold in
large quantities. We knew there had to be a better way to offer this and to
provide an easier more cost-effective way to purchase vintage lumber. We
identified a need in the market place and we filled it! This was how Drva was


We have been doing Home Shows for a little while now in
order to get our name out there and to connect with customers. We have had a
ton of success exhibiting at the Home Design and Remodeling Show. We have met a
many very loyal customers and have made a lot of sales. The best thing to come
out of doing these shows however was something that I would not have
predicted…. At one of the Fort Lauderdale Shows we were scouted by one of the
buyers at Orchard Supply (high end home improvement store owned by Lowe’s).
They contacted us months later and expressed interest in our products. We met
with their buyer as well as one of their executives from their headquarters in
California at the last Fortt Lauderdale show and we got an order from them!


We are very excited to be going into their stores and we
will have our wood showcased on beautiful endcaps in these great stores by the
end of this month. I know it is early, but I feel like I am achieving my dreams.
I am in one of the largest and most respected retailers in the home improvement
space and am feeling like the sky is the limit. We are very thankful for being
a part of the Home Design and Remodeling Show as exhibiting really was the
catalyst for our companies’ success. We will be continuing to exhibit at these
shows and look forward to a bright future!”


Ryan O’Leary, Owner of Drva Wood Co.


Have you been exhibiting at the Home Show and would like
to share your story for write-up consideration? Send us an email
[email protected].


The Fort Lauderdale Home Design and Remodeling Show takes
place from November 17-19th at the Broward County Convention Center.
Buy tickets and learn more at www.wp.homeshows.com.

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