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Home Office Space Tips to Increase Wellness With Sandra Diaz-Velasco of EOLO Designs


Working from home? Join the “Stay at Home with the Home Show”
club! Sandra Diaz-Velasco joined
us last weekend to teach us how to make the most of our designated working
space so we can feel more productive while being at home.

Principal Architect of EOLO A&I
Design, Sandra emphasizes emotion, detail, and craftsmanship in her
award-winning work. Uniting architecture, interior design, and artistry, and
guided by a philosophy of constant renovation and environmental preservation,
EOLO is highly sought-after for luxury projects in Florida and beyond. Her
firm’s philosophy is based on respecting the client’s needs and dreams to achieve
an optimal, beautiful, and sustainable project.


Sandra’s Tips for Increased Wellness:

  1. Identify & Choose – Identify what you will need to be able to complete the tasks you plan on doing in your space. Choose the best suitable space for you to have a bit of privacy to have wellness in the office.
  2. Natural Light & Gadgets – Make sure your space has naturally sourced lighting. Natural light is a must! It helps you focus and balances out your artificial light intake. Only keep the gadgets you need for work nearby.
  3. Bring Nature In & Air Circulation – Surround yourself in nature. Create a connection to nature in your office space. Ventilation helps with brain activity. Combine natural ventilation into the A/C system.
  4. Separate & Time – Separate your work performance. Focus on working and separate business and personal. Organize your time as if working in a normal office. The time that you would have commuted, exercise, take a walk and do something different.

Watch Sandra’s full presentation here:

Office Space Tips to Increase Wellness With Sandra Diaz-Velasco of EOLO Designs

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