Invest Today, Save Tomorrow: Help the Environment and Your Wallet!

Ready to save the environment and save some money? Let us introduce you to some of our innovative energy saving exhibitors! From solar energy systems to hurricane skylights, our focus is to bring you some superior savings for your home. Invest today and save tomorrow by reducing your electric bills in the long term.

Here are some top exhibitors that are ready to help you save the environment and your money:

Han Solar Energy

Unlike other companies, Han Solar Systems are
designed with you in mind. Their Solar Pros will assist you in getting the
system that is right for you. Their designs will be based on your consumption.
Feel great knowing that you have chosen a system that will fit your energy
needs with equipment backed by a warranty extending over 25 years. Han Solar
will set you up with state-of-the-art hardware and software so you can monitor
the production of your system in real time every hour, day, month, and year.
All components are designed to work together perfectly.


Micro-Air designs and manufactures total control
systems for applications in the RV and marine industries. Their EasyStart™ 364
is an electronic soft starter that permits the starting of RV rooftop air
conditioning on low power sources such as small solar inverters, conventional
generators as small as 2000 watts, and on 30-amp shore power. The company has
been a design innovator and maintains an unparalleled institutional knowledge
of the recreational air conditioning industry. Micro-Air treats its customers
and employees like family and prides itself on customer service.


Vinyasun is a full-service solar energy company.
process helps you lock in your energy rates. They help you avoid costly rate
increases that your local utility wants to build more poles, wires and
polluting, fossil fuel power plants. At Vinyasun, they inherently believe that
going solar is positive energy for your bank account, your children’s future,
their children’s future and for the world. Plus, they are doing it without
burning fossil fuels like coal, oil, or natural gas. They are simply providing
you the platform to let that energy flow to you.

Conrad, Inc.

Corad, Inc. is a state certified general contractor
that has specialized in skylights and ventilation for over 28 years. As the
Premiere Solatube dealer for South Florida, they offer amazing tubular skylight
products to brighten your home or office. Bring beautiful, natural sunlight
into a dark room with no heat gain. Try a Solastar solar attic fan to reduce
the temperature in your attic, making it easier to cool your home. Once
installed, this powerhouse goes to work every day quietly saving you money. Conrad,
Inc. is Florida’s exclusive distributor of the revolutionary glass Velux solar
shade 20-year warranty hurricane skylight.

Bison Roofing & Solar

Bison Roofing & Solar designs and installs
affordable, turnkey solar photo-voltaic systems. They provide homeowners and
business with high quality solar PV systems that earn you money and energy
independence while contributing toward a sustainable planet.  They have also been installing full roof
replacements for over 10 years. Bison Roofing & Solar are Florida Licensed
Solar, Roofing and Electrical Contractors so you can feel at ease knowing there
is an experienced professional working on every aspect of your project.

Contact our expert exhibitors today to find out how you can invest today and save tomorrow!

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