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Let’s Talk About Home Décor and More! #FLHomeShows

We’re always keeping an eye out for trend setting and
innovative home improvement products. Not only can they add style and function
to your living space, your improved interior that is customized to your taste, guarantees a
more enjoyable lifestyle.

Here are some highlights:


Fishing for Unique Décor?

Owning genuine Green River fossils as part of your décor
is like taking a step back in time. House of Whitley’s fish fossils will
transform the look and mood of any space. They are the excellent starting point
of many rewarding conversations. As well as being decorative, Green River
fossils are functional, employing attractive stone that makes for the perfect
countertop, tabletop, wall decoration, or backsplash. Each fossil is a unique
work of natural art, bringing to your living- or workspace the perfect prehistoric
window onto the past. Their fossils are masterpieces of beauty and conversation,
millions of years in the making.


Need A Lift?

The Stiltz Home Elevator is an innovative and unique
residential elevator that can fit easily into your home. Designed to make life
easier, their home elevators will help you stay in the home you love when the
stairs become too much. It is also the perfect and affordable alternative to a
stairlift. Residential elevators by Stiltz can also improve your lifestyle if
you are looking for a faster and more convenient way of getting between floors.
Unlike a stairlift, Stiltz’ spacious in-home lifts can carry two or three people
and a wheelchair if required. It has enough space to fit not just you, but also
a vacuum cleaner and the family pet too! 


Not Enough Space for the
Dresses and Shoes?

The Closets Company will create a design that will fit your
needs. Your closet space can be as simple as a reach-in closet, or as
complicated as a spacious master closet. As an innovative closets company, they
can recreate any style such as contemporary to classic, boutique-style to
basic. The Closets Company can also help provide storage solutions for the garage,
office, and laundry room. 


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at the Broward County Convention Center. Check our website for Early Bird
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