Let’s Talk About Wood!

all love to have what’s trendy, but sometimes it’s more practical to focus on “timeless”
design. Whether looking for custom or budget-friendly options for both inside
and outside of your home, here are some exhibitors that utilize wood in
functional ways.


Ready to Customize?

When looking to invest in quality and almost limitless
design options, consider custom kitchen cabinets.  All
Wood Kitchens & Closets
offers a wide range of custom modern kitchen
cabinets, modern bathroom vanities and closets with a wide selection of kitchen
door style finishes, from solid wood, to high gloss, to glass or matte
lacquered to laminates wood veneers or stainless steel finishes. At All Wood
Kitchens & Closets stand for its high-quality design while focusing on the
finest materials and finishes, style, elegance and continuously evolving design
is paramount.


Designing with Conscience?

DRVA Wood Co.
are makers of replenish-able, new, clean vintage wood for building,
construction, remodeling and DIY. They take new lumber that doesn’t make the
cut for building, distress, treat, and then finish it to look just like
reclaimed wood without any of the lead paint, pesticides or other chemicals
commonly found in vintage lumber. DRVA’s wood is milled in the US and finished
in Delray Beach and they use only the safest materials and pride themselves on
eco-friendly culture.


 Time to Tiki?

“Nobody thatches better,” says Chickee Huts that is a specialist full-service construction company
able to offer a complete and quality new chickee including creative design and
architecture, estimating, engineering, project management, as well as the
on-site construction.  Choose from: (1)
Palm Thatch – a replenishable resource making it eco-friendly and because
temperatures under the palm thatch structure can be 15-20 degrees cooler than outside,
it makes for an economical outdoor living space and investment; (2) Reed Thatch
– artificial thatch designed to exceed natural thatch in durability yet still
maintain an authentic thatch appearance; and (3) Synthetic Thatch. 


Bored with your Floors?

Kittle’s Flooring
is one of South Florida’s premier hardwood flooring companies. Their
client base ranges from individual homeowners to designers, contractors and
major retailers. Wood flooring is their only field of expertise providing
services such as sanding, refinishing, staining, customized bordering, inlays,
medallions and more. Unlike many other companies, Kittle’s Flooring has their own
milling and molding shop. Wood floors are a long term investment and if
correctly maintained, will last a lifetime.

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