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Top South Florida Home Decor Trends in 2018

Now that we’re into the start of 2018, a number of new home decor trends have started to emerge in South Florida. Most of the latest home decor trends build on previous years and take on new dimensions in the decorating space. Below are a few of our favorites so far.

Deep Colors

For years, Florida home decor was overrun with bright blues and yellows. Now we seem to be seeing a trend toward more indulgent colors like dark purples, lush greens and ruby reds. These darker tones stand out well against light beige or gray walls in keeping with the modern look.

Super Sleek Kitchens

After a short bout of “open” kitchen designs, the hottest trend in kitchen decor brings us integrated, smooth-faced cabinets. In some cases, cabinet doors are even being used to conceal appliances, giving the room a completely clean face with minimalist handles.

Adding to this trend, many Florida homeowners are choosing to paint their cabinets white and replacing their old countertops with recycled materials like bottles, concrete and more.

Vacation-Style Living

Perhaps we are seeing a shift in the way new homeowners are viewing their homes. Instead of waiting all year to take a vacation, more people are decorating their homes as if it was their ideal vacation place. Hammocks, minibars and other trappings of any ultra chic beach vacation are making their way into Florida residents’ day-to-day lives.

Added Functionality

One of the newest home decorating trends in Florida is the desire to turn every room in the house into livable space. Even laundry rooms and mud rooms are getting a face-lift as homeowners add customized storage space to these areas, rather than plain old shelves. They’re even painting these rooms to match the rest of the home’s decor after years of leaving those parts of the house untouched.

To discover more of the latest Florida home trends, we invite you to attend the next Home Show in South Florida. You will find dozens of vendors and designers who have just what you need to decorate your home with the latest trends in mind. There will also be plenty of presentations on how to choose colors and products that fit the look you’re hoping for. As a result, you will be a few steps closer to making your dream house a reality.

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