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Spruce Up Your House for Spring at the Home Show!

At our Home Shows, visitors can peruse thousands of home improvement and décor
choices; get design and expert advice; and find offers and savings exclusive at the show. Until then, check out some of our favorite exhibitors down below!


Atlantic Awnings

Atlantic Awnings is committed to providing you with
the highest quality of commercial and residential awnings and customer
satisfaction. Their highly
skilled and experienced team of professionals use the latest products and tools,
combined with the latest technology, to fabricate stunning awnings, as well as
100% secure and reliable installation. They understand that each job has its
own unique technical requirements. Atlantic Awnings has chosen to specialize in
manufacturing only the highest quality awnings. They use the finest craftsmen,
state-of-the-art fabrication processes, and the longest lasting materials.


Statewide Windows & Doors

Statewide offers the design, product knowledge and
expertise to provide you with new windows in your home to transform it into the
paradise you deserve. From new construction to redesign and remodeling, they can
bring the beauty of the outdoors inside your home and protect the inside from
outside elements. Statewide’s experienced team can assist with any building
project from design to completion. They will work side-by-side with you to find
the best products at the best prices for your project. From single units,
waterfront estates, commercial properties and multifamily buildings, their staff
will be there with you to achieve all the goals of cost efficiency, code
compliance and guide you through all the choices of product selection to build
the most attractive, safe and cost-effective projects.


Wrap My Kitchen Florida

Wrap My Kitchen is an innovative solution to
makeover your kitchen cabinets and more. They have designed an easy-to-install
adhesive wrap that yields amazing results. Wrap My Kitchen’s product is offered
in different finishes and colors to get your creativity flowing. Their wood
grain and textured finishes will conceal the imperfections of your aging
kitchen. The matte colors will attenuate the imperfections while the glossy colors
conceal them less. Wrap My Kitchen will restore a fresh new look in kitchens
over 25 years old. Wrap My Kitchen offers an unmatched cutting-edge technology
to resurface your kitchen which was developed around the idea that quality,
durability and reliability of their products must exceed their customers’


A&S Reclaimed Wood Planks

Reclaimed Wood Planks manufacture, non-peel and stick, hand crafted
3-dimensional reclaimed wood with lots of texture, depth, character and rich
vibrant color. In addition, their reclaimed wood has various thicknesses, nail
holes, saw marks, and other types of imperfections that will give your interior
space the look you have been seeking. Their wood thicknesses range from 3/8in.
(.375″)- 7/8in. (.875″) and must be applied with a brad nail gun. A&S
manufactures everything you see in South Florida and the finishes and applications
are truly endless. Your projects will look better than alternatives you can
find online or in big box stores.



sophistication and functionality have characterized ViSSER’s custom luxury
closet collections since 2005. Based in Miami, their manufacturing facility
allows ViSSER to proficiently furnish the American closet space with
contemporary Italian design aesthetics. Recognized for having the fastest
custom closets design, production and installation turnaround in the industry,
ViSSER is continually contracted by interior design professionals and large
real estate developers in Florida. Their unrivaled craftsmanship reflects their
commitment to excellence and client satisfaction. ViSSER offers countless
custom layout solutions and exclusive finishes and accessories to tastefully
transform every closet space with elegant modularity – an artisan design
philosophy that has distinguished their craft for more than a decade.

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