Tips for Tailoring a Smart Home Just For You!

We’re counting down the days until the Miami Home Design and Remodeling Show. Besides all of the things you can find for your home along with seminars and feature areas, the Miami Home Show is the best opportunity to talk to the pros. 

Today on the #FLHomeShows Blog, we’re getting some helpful tips from one of our exhibitors, Premium Digital Control & Automation. Here’s what they say:


The beautiful thing about homes is that no two are the same.
Each one is made into a unique space filled with favorite colors, distinctive
patterns, family photos, and quirky décor. Much like the rest of your home,
you’ll want a home automation system that’s tailored to your family, not just a
cookie-cutter package.

Start by thinking through your daily routine, and then find
solutions that match up, and will make mundane, everyday tasks easier for the
whole family.


Perhaps you turn music on while you’re getting ready in the
mornings, and when you get home in the evenings. Multi-room audio may be
something to look into. If you find yourself pausing while making dinner to
wash your hands so you can turn on the cooking channel, or turn the lights on,
you might be a good candidate for voice control. Are you making nightly rounds
to turn off lights that always seem to be left on? Lighting control can turn
that into one simple button press. Is there a constant thermostat battle
between your home’s dwellers? Climate control can end the war once and for all.
Home automation used the right way can become a helping hand around the house
for the entire family. Don’t stop and your usual, everyday schedule. If you’re
the host with the most on the weekends let your home automation help you out.
You can add an orchestra of automation that will start up several functions
simultaneously. One button press or voice command can dim the lights, start a
party-favorite playlist, and turn the thermostat down when it’s party time.


Remember, don’t shy away from using your imagination. The
possibilities are nearly endless!

The Miami Home Design and Remodeling Show returns to the Miami Beach Convention Center, April 6-8, 2018. Visit for more information. Save $3.00 when purchasing adult admission tickets online by April 5th.

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