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MEET THE DESIGNER | Miry Muziotti of Deco Miry| Originally from Venezuela and living in Miami since 2014, Miry’s debut to interior design was in 2008. Despite not studying interior design, she started designing kitchens to gain experience. Miry discovered her passion and realized that by designing spaces that reflect harmony and well-being homeowners can achieve the maximum level of comfort.


In the last 2 years she has dedicated herself to helping other people achieve that well-being within their homes.



There is nothing better than entering a space that reflects harmony and well-being.  

The pandemic forced us to live in and design our spaces in a more conscious and intentional way. This extended amount time being spent at home allowed us to explore ourselves internally and experienced what made us feel good and what needed to improve.


Home spaces are an extension of us and reflect who we are and how we want to feel.




5 tips to create spaces that generate well-being:

1. Do a detox in your spaces.  Just like your body, your house also needs a detox, get rid of what is left over. Throw away, donate, or give away what is no longer useful. Order and cleanliness are key to achieving spaces that reflect well-being.

2.  Create a sacred space. Design a place where you can disconnect, read, and listen to music.  Add positive anchors that will allow you to cultivate your well-being.

3.  Create a green corner by adding plants.  Plants and biophilic design are excellent ways to decorate but they also benefit our health and mood.

4. Make the most of natural lighting.  Natural light is important for the natural cycle of our body. With lighting we can also create feelings of warmth and comfort.

5. Take advantage of the benefits of aromatherapy. Essential oils are wonderful for activating the energy in your space and for creating a positive mood. My favorite combination is bergamot + lemon eucalyptus + wild orange.

The spaces we inhabit will grow and evolve with us. When you think about your home, think about how you want to feel when you are within the space.


Live more intentionally and consciously by surrounding yourself with objects that raise your energy. Everything you choose to improve in your space is an act of love for you.

Learn to raise energy and well-being in your spaces!  

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