By Roberta Black, owner of RB Design


In this post, I’m going to talk about trends for 2018, and ideas that might challenge you.
Although challenging yourself is always a good thing, the best trends are the ones that you are
comfortable with. After all, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. 

With that being said, 2018 brings to us lots of exciting new trends, and some that have been
making a comeback. Organic materials, pieces made with innate imperfections, handmade and
naturally-shaped pottery, pre-wrinkled linen sheets, and handmade geometric tiles are just a few. 

Another big trend is greenery. It’s affordable, and it’s an awesome way to decorate your space by
adding color. While travelling overseas, I was inspired by all the interior plant walls, both
residential and commercial. 


2018 is the year for you to be fearless, BE BOLD and have fun with colors, textures and patterns.
Colors like deep purple, teal, eggshell, deep blue, and different shades of red and pink. Pink has
made a comeback, but the black and white look is still as strong as ever, a definite classic. Black
and white patterns, prints, as well as home decor accessories, have been spotted all over Europe,
creating a fresh and updated vibe for interiors. We’ve also got a Metallic Silver Alert! We know
metallics are also a classic, but they have really moved over into neutrals. Mixing metallics, like
antique brass, stainless steel, and rusted iron, is also a way to embrace authenticity. 


MIX is another strong word for 2018. From traditional and classic, to bold and graphic,
wallpaper has come back in a big way. Wallpapers for 2018 include geometrics, bold flowers,
paisley, ombre and abstract. Mixing wallpaper with luscious fabric gives dimension and
personality to a room. Think reupholster, different patterns, velvet and BOLD colors. Velvet is
“IT” for the neutral color lovers. Textures and patterns will also do wonders, while never
compromising the elegance of the style.

2018 is also looking up. And by looking up, I mean statement ceilings. Along with paint,
wallpaper, or intricate textures, ceilings have become a huge trend. The sky is the limit with all
of your options.


Those are the trends for 2018. Now go and make your own! 

Roberta Black, owner of RB Design, was educated in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, where she was
born and raised. She has been living in the US for the past 17 years. Having worked in the design
world for several years, she believes that: “Design is not for philosophy – it’s for life." 

Her inspiration came from being raised in such a colorful and lively city. It gave her a huge
perspective and understanding of how to use colors, shapes and textures. She is also very
inspired by sleek, European lines, that for her, is chic, simple and yet shows tremendous style.
The mix of these elements together creates a warm, inviting, innovative, modern and
unconventional ambiance that makes people never want to leave. 

Roberta has completed many residential and commercial projects (large and small), locally and
abroad, accommodating all budgets. 


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