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7 Tips for Starting a Fall or Winter Vegetable Garden

Most people think of gardening only in the spring and summer, losing out on precious growing time during the cooler months of the year. The good news is that there are plenty of plants and vegetables that grow exclusively in the fall and winter for you to enjoy. Here are a few winter gardening tips to get started.


Start Fresh

One of the most important fall gardening tips is to prep your garden bed as if you were planting in the spring. This means pulling weeds, adding new compost and removing any old plant matter.


Start Seeds Indoors

As the weather cools down, it gets harder for seeds to germinate. You can fix this by starting your seeds indoors in seedling pods, or even in egg cartons. Once they’re about three weeks old, you can move them outside.


Go Green

Many of the best plants for the fall and winter are leafy greens. If you spent your whole summer laboring over tomatoes, it’s time to switch to broccoli, cauliflower and cabbage for the cooler months. This will usually be reflected in the seeds that are available in your garden supply store.


Do Your Math

In order to make this a successful winter gardening venture, you will need to do some math on the harvest. Start with your expected first frost date and work backwards to determine the latest possible planting date for your seedlings.


Prepare for the First Frost

The good news is that several plants can survive a frost if you are careful to provide them with protection. A blanket or a plastic tunnel is usually sufficient to help your plants through the final few weeks of growing.


Mind Your Water

Proper watering is crucial as things begin to cool down. You are probably getting less rain in the fall as the weather changes, which could leave your plants feeling a drought. Make sure you keep the soil moist by watering it often.


Expect Pests

During the summer, you deal with plenty of insects trying to steal your veggies. But in the fall, you’re more likely to deal with bigger problems like deer and rabbits. Learn how to fend them off safely so that you can protect your plants.

Vegetable gardening in Florida is a great way to get fresh vegetables onto your dinner table. These fall gardening tips are designed to help you decide what to grow in Florida and how to grow a garden in Florida during the cold months. For more gardening insights and tips, attend the Home Design & Remodeling Show that happens twice a year in South Florida. At the Home Show, you will be able to learn about and find everything you need to grow a beautiful, prosperous garden.


Featured Image Credit: MelashaCat/Shutterstock.com

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