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A is for “Arch” – Leaders of Design at the Miami Home Show!

DYK that “Arch” comes from the Greek archos and refers to chief, head, king or origin? As South Florida’s leading
and largest home improvement expo, we
thought we’d discuss the “A to Z” of choices at this weekend’s Miami Home Show.

However, with the list quite extensive, we’ll begin with
a few of the “A’s.” For a full list from A to Z, be sure to pick up a directory
when entering the Show. Doors open at 6:00 p.m. on Friday!


Architronic Custom AV specializes in custom home
automation design and installation. With the use of an iPad, iPhone and iPod
Touch and brands like Elan, Sony, and many others, they can install
applications that deliver complete home control and automation. Architrocnics
customizes and designs On–Screen Display (OSD) control and automation
technology. OSD transforms any HD display in the home or office into a ‘control
portal’ with user interaction previously available only with touch panels.


Arkimodel emerges out of the need to offer an integrated
solution for interiors. Our core values are shaped by elements of design,
functionality and service. Arkimodel employs the latest technology in modular
systems to achieve the most efficient use of space while providing the most
vanguardist designs. With a minimalist approach, they create beautiful and
modern closets, doors and entertainment units that are adaptable to any
particular space and style. Custom and accessories options range from inside
leather finishes, lightning effects, and a variety of storage compositions.


One of the joys of creating custom outdoor living spaces
is seeing how it can truly transform a property and how the homeowners utilize
their space. With every project, the experts from Archadeck consult with
clients and discuss their needs, tastes and budgets. Each consultation and
resulting deck, porch, patio or combination project is different.  Archadeck prides itself on using the canvas a
home provides to create an outdoor addition that adds to it. Their goal is
design and build custom spaces that not only look fabulous but are used by
owners, enhancing their outdoor living experience.

Just one more day to take advantage of the online admission savings. Visit www.wp.homeshows.com to learn more! 

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