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Make An Entrance

How to Give Your Foyer a Painless Facelift

Guest Blog by  Britto Charette

Don’t let your foyer be a lost design opportunity. David Charette, licensed interior designer and principal of Britto Charette, explains how to create an entrance that welcomes guests and makes a great first impression.


The design team at Britto Charette tackles foyers of all shapes and sizes, but three particular types are the firm’s focus: elevator foyers, vacation homes, and detached single-family homes.



According to Charette, foyers in Miami’s high-rises are often “dead” spaces. “You exit the elevator and it’s a separate enclosed space, as required by code. But it’s anticlimactic to exit an elevator and walk into a dark and an uninspiring room—especially if you have private elevator access to your suite.” The answer? Charette recommends fire-rated glass that will provide views, natural light, and a sense of welcome. “We also highly recommend going with lighter-colored finishes so you don’t have a dark or dimly lit foyer. One full wall of accent material, such as a mirror or a vibrant wall covering will enliven the space. Another great solution is to add wall sconces or something that sparkles and gives the foyer life and character,” says Charette.

When the Britto Charette team designs interiors for beach homes and vacation residences, the clients’ needs are very different. “The foyers of vacation homes should be designed with utility in mind. Our clients need a place to stow flipflops and beach gear. If you have a foyer but no mud room, then consider adding hidden storage.”

Decorating the foyer in a single-family home? Charette says it’s important to assess how you use the space. Do you need a spot to place keys or to stow umbrellas or shoes? Consider hidden storage to provide organization and prevent clutter. Do you entertain often? If so, the foyer can provide a place for floral arrangements as people arrive and gift bags as they leave. “I recommend placing a large mirror in your foyer as it is a place for you to check your appearance as you leave the house. It also acts as a second window because it reflects light, bouncing it around the space, and can be very dramatic.”

No matter the type of foyer you have, Charette says you can implement several ideas today to improve the space. “First, ask yourself, ‘When I enter my home, is it organized? Joyful?’ A foyer isn’t an afterthought. It’s like the wrapping of a special gift, so personalize it. But before all else…clean it up. Remember, clean is classy. Banish clutter.”


Jader Almeida umbrella stand from Sollos

Second, Charette recommends adding accessories such as flowers, candles, and even a custom scent. “And don’t forget about those little details like an umbrella stand. Sollos has a beautiful piece by Jade Almeida.” Charette also suggests using pedestals, on their own or in groupings of varying heights if space permits. “Luxury Living in the Miami Design District has a beautiful pedestal that is perfect for showcasing your art or accessories.”


Pedestal from Luxury Living in Miami Design District

Have a large foyer or double-height space? Consider installing a really dramatic chandelier to act as a focal point. Or, suspend a bold piece of art from the ceiling. You can also show your family’s character with a curated collection of Instagram photos that you enlarge and frame. “Expansive foyers also provide a fabulous opportunity to incorporate rugs,” says Charette. “We also like to use large format art on one wall that creates a focal point and draws the eye into the home. An invitation to come in, explore, and relax.”


BRITTO CHARETTE foyer at Santa Barbara Estates
Featuring FACETA rug, a collaboration with Kyle Bunting


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