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Home automation and smart home technology is a trending topic among homeowners and real estate professionals alike. The convenience that home automation adds to a resident’s daily life is unheard of. Being able to control things like light bulbs, speakers, and even your doorbell from the comfort of your sofa and through your oh-so-familiar smartphone is a luxury you may not even know you wanted to have. As with all other technologies, they change with the times, and smart home technology is no exception. Here at Premium Digital Control & Automation, we offer what we believe to be the hottest technology currently in the home automation market. In this post, you’ll learn what our in-house expert technologists believe to be the cutting-edge of smart home technology.

KEF LS50 Monitor Speakers

KEF promotes its LS50 Monitor Speakers for having a sound that is “out of all proportion to its size”, and our team here at Premium Digital entirely agrees. These speakers are great for all sorts of home automation systems and can create a “soundstage experience” in a compact and stylish package. Using patent-pending acoustic designs, these speakers deliver stunning Hi-Fi sound, even in the smallest spaces. Additionally, the speakers come in 3 distinct colorways so you can make sure they fit just right and blend in with all aspects of your space.

Ring Video Doorbell

Ring, which was recently acquired by Amazon, was first featured on Shark Tank way back in 2013. This device, which connects to your smartphone, allows you to see who’s ringing your doorbell through a camera that captures HD video of the the person on your front doorstep and streams it directly through an application on your iOS or Android device. Surprisingly, the incredible technology was denied by all 5 “Shark” investors when the device was first brought into the “Tank.” Well, we’re sure they’re kicking themselves now, as Amazon just purchased the technology for a staggering $1 Billion. The team here at Premium Digital loves the Ring Video Doorbell as it adds a sense of security and insight to the people that are knocking on your door, in real time, that can’t be quite reached through a regular CCTV system. Starting at just $150, the Ring Video Doorbell is a great stepping stone into implementing a larger and more involved smart home system.

Hunter Douglas Powerview® Motorization

Hunter Douglas is the leader in Window-Blind automation, and for good reason. Their amazing Powerview Motorization window blind system allows you to create the perfect atmosphere, lighting, and mood in each room of your house using your smartphone, tablet or dedicated Pebble Controller. Furthermore, the Powerview system can currently be utilized through Amazon Alexa devices, and soon, Apple HomeKit as well. Hunter Douglas’ Powerview Motorization window-blind integration system allows you to create a schedule for when you’d like the blinds to rise and wake you naturally, or close when it’s time to hit the hay. Hunter Douglas Powerview is a great piece of smart home technology that is sure to wow friends and family that witness the system.

Eero Home WiFi System

Anybody that has a WiFi connection at home knows that the signal strength is not always as reliable as it could be, depending on the room of the house that you’re currently in. The Eero Home WiFi system eliminates many of the blights that come with your Home WiFi connection by strengthening your signal, and making it faster in each and every room of the house. Better yet, installing the Eero Home WiFi System is as easy as plugging it in, and connecting your most used devices to the new system.

Control Your World With Premium Digital

Premium Digital Control & Automation provides cutting edge, top-of-the-line smart home, and home automation systems in Broward, Miami-Dade, and Palm Beach counties. Using your smartphone to control the many facets of your home truly has never been easier, and Premium Digital Control is a team of experts that create seamless, beautiful smart home systems. Learn more about Premium Digital Control by visiting online at http://premiumdigitalcontrol.com or calling (954) 637-1361

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