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5 Most Intriguing Modern Tech Gadgets For Your Home


American homes are becoming smarter by the day and the increasing availability of cool tech gadgets means that everyone is trying to keep up with the Jetsons, that space age family from the famous cartoon.

The following are five high-tech gadgets that every 21st-century home can have installed without the need for an engineering degree or unlimited budget.

5 High-Tech Gadgets for Your Home

Nest Thermostat

Everyone wants their nest to be comfortable, and the Nest learns your preferences and then programs itself to set the right temperature for you and your family. The device helps reduce energy usage and saves you a bundle on your monthly utility bills. On average, users save up to 12 percent on heating costs and up to 15 percent on cooling costs over the course of a year.

Philips Hue Ambiance

These bulbs can be set to produce a range of 16 million colors. Wirelessly connected to HomeKit, Google Home and Amazon, these lights ensure they always set the perfect mood for the occasion. They also consume less energy, which translates into a cooler home and lower utility bills.


Fido has plenty of free time to get into trouble, and Furbo helps you keep an eye on his antics while you are at work or school. This fun, modern tech gadget ensures that if there is a problem with your dog, you know about it right away.

Netatmo Presence Security Camera

Netatmo has a full line of advanced home technologies that can keep your home and family safe. These wireless technologies create an impenetrable layer of security that protects you against everything from intruders to fires. They also make it easy for you to monitor your home whether you are at work for the day or sunning on a tropical beach thousands of miles away.

Neato Robotics

Grandma and Grandpa had to sweep the floor to keep it clean, but you can get the same results at the touch of a button. Neato Robotics’ autonomous vacuums learn the layout of your home and keep to a routine cleaning schedule that ensures your home is always spic and span. In the parlance of the past, the technology is simply “neato” and robotic home cleaning technologies are among the most desired cool tech gadgets making their way to market.

Modern Technology at the Home Show

We will have modern technologies like these and many others on display at the The Home Design and Remodeling Show in Florida. We invite you to join us in Miami Beach from Sept. 1-4 to learn more about these high-tech gadgets and the advanced home technologies that are transforming homes and lifestyles around the country.

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