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Remodeling a Frank Lloyd Wright Inspired Home

Frank Lloyd Wright is one of the most recognized architects from the 20th century that created around nature. He inspired many to work to create a harmony between human life and the environment. He was among a group that classified The Prairie Style, a movement that focused on nature, craftsmanship and simplicity. Today, individuals are still inspired by his creations and have mimicked his work within theirs. 

We got the opportunity to visit this Frank Lloyd Wright inspired home that is receiving a full renovation by the Ross Brothers! The most important part of this renovation is making sure the environment around the home is not disturbed and the original integrity of the home is maintained. The owners of this beautiful home are also designers, so making sure the renovation had an artistic approach was very important to them. This house was designed around the beautiful trees, some of which are 100 years old or older! 

“You can walk around the house and see how the house fits in a little nook under a big huge tree branch. We feel like these are our babies.” One of the owners remarked. 

In the backyard, the pool is being fit around the house and trees surrounding it. Its shape will be as unique as the house itself. They will be adding a staircase that wraps around the 100-year-old tree from the top floor to the pool deck. They are careful to make all additions blend in seamlessly into the pre-existing parts of the home including the materials, colors, and shapes. Both stories of this home are getting a remodel, and they are incorporating their modern style while bringing the nature inside.


Major Updates

This home was in need of a lot of updating inside as well as outside. While outside, the main change is the brand new pool, inside, the Ross Brothers plan to add a glass staircase, an additional bed and bathroom, and remodel all other existing bathrooms. Much of the home is outdated as it was constructed in the 80’s so you can only imagine the amount of carpet and built in’s found throughout the home, even the bed frames we built into the bedrooms.

The added bed and bath will be downstairs, turning an otherwise awkward space into a functional one. The bathroom will be connected to the new pool, so it will be the perfect area for the homeowners and guests to utilize as a cabana bath with easy access from the patio and pool area. The extra bedroom is will be great for being able to invite more guests from out of town! The glass sliding doors for the entrance of the bed and bathrooms is a beautiful modern touch, while maintaining privacy for each room with its dark grey color.

Lighting was a major addition in this home. The Ross Brothers always advocate for adding more lighting because it can really transform a space. They added more than 100 new high hats all over this home to make sure each space was very well lit. Along with the lighting, other elements such as adding a smooth coat to the walls is something they’ve found to make a huge impact to the overall look to the home.

There’s an emotional element to this home as well. Being that it is Frank Lloyd Wright inspired and how deeply the homeowners feel about the home, there is careful consideration going into each detail. The front door will be replaced with a beautiful giant mahogany pivot door. Once you walk in, the construction team will be opening up the entire entry way to both upstairs and down, and replacing the current staircase with a floating glass staircase with a center stringer. The line of sight will open up to the beautiful wood detailing that makes up the upstairs ceiling, another centerpiece of this home. The wood detailed ceiling was a major aspect of the home that the Ross Brothers had to make sure to protect. They used their unique and affective containment methods to keep dust and other harmful aspects of remodeling away from what needs to be preserved.

In the master bedroom, they had a strange situation where to the client had to enter their bathroom to get to their closet. The Ross Brothers repositioned the doorway of the master bedroom to allow for the closet to have its own entrance. They are completing major renovations on all the bathrooms and making them all unique. Even the guest bathrooms will be redesigned to be as one of a kind as the master and this gorgeous home!

Overall the homeowners wanted to transform this house into a functional masterpiece for them and their guests. The Ross Brothers accepted the challenge and are working alongside the owners to make their dream a reality. The homeowners value the communication the Ross Brothers have offered them, more than anything. The vision has been realized and we can’t wait to show you the final results. Stay tuned for the FULL house tour coming to YouTube SOON!

Check out our YouTube channel for a video on this first look at the remodel and discover the Ross Brothers Shop the Pros page here!

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