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Small, Large and In-Between! Just a few more days until #FLHomeShows Miami

Some people don’t know that you can go to the Home Show
and walk out with something in your hands. Others don’t know that you could
have your dream home built from the ground up. Vice President and Show
Director, Adam Kayce often says: “You know the Boat Show and the Auto Show? We’re
the Home Show – the one-stop shop to find everything you need, from inside to
out.” In fact, we’re the largest home design expo in South Florida!

Here are some


Automated Home Solutions premier product Autoslide is a
little over 19 in. long, 2.76 in. high and 2.56 in. wide and can be retrofitted
to most existing residential sliding doors or installed directly on new
construction.   With the small size of
the operating system it can be mounted discreetly on the top or bottom of your
door, but can easily be hidden with additional trim or drapes.   It runs off a standard outlet, so there is
no need for electric work unless you want an outlet moved. Among other
benefits, Autoslide offers a pet opening fob that can be attached to a collar
so your pet can come and go when needed.

Shear Construction
and Management

Shear has proven itself to countless satisfied homeowners
over the past 30 years and continues to deliver extraordinary product by
building luxurious homes. Their goal is to make sure that each project is done
with high quality craftsmanship. Whether it is new construction or a
renovation, our staff is qualified to meet the needs of each job. From custom
estates and waterfront home projects to their townhouse, condominium and
business remodels, Shear’s award-winning design and unparalleled construction
quality is showcased throughout South Florida.

Velart Closets

Velart Closets
team of experienced designers knows the dynamics of organization, both from the
inside as well as the outside. They are well-versed in the importance of
striking the perfect balance when it comes to creating well-crafted,
aesthetically appealing closet designs which are highly practical and provide
ample space for you to store all your clothing essentials and accessories with
ease. Their designs are timeless and highly customizable to match the overall
theme of the surroundings, adding a different dimension of sophistication and
appeal to your home or apartment space. They’ll help you craft your very own
custom closet to redefine your dressing experience from the ground up.

Orchid Hangars

Inspired by the beauty and the sensuality of one of
Mother Nature’s masterpieces, the ORCHIDS, Orchid
create exclusive designs in various weather resistant materials,
some enhanced with stained glass and other elements, to honor the beauty of
these wonders. Each piece is unique, allowing you to perceive the movements and
the stubborn geometry of the strokes that when combined create amazing hangers
to display your beautiful Orchids.

Whether you rent or own your own home, or have an office
that needs some improvement, don’t miss the Labor Day Weekend Miami Home Show!
The Show also offers feature areas and lifestyle and design seminars. Check out
the website and take advantage of the 30% online admission saving offered until
August 31st.

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