Transform Your South Florida Home with Unique Wall Coverings 

Wall coverings are more than just paint on plaster; they are expressions of personality, reflections of culture, and extensions of the natural beauty surrounding us. From the whisper of fabric to the boldness of digitally printed glass, the right wall covering can turn any room from mundane to magazine-worthy. 

Whether you’re looking to create a sanctuary of calm in your bedroom, a burst of energy in your living room, or a culinary wonderland in your kitchen, here are some unique wall covering ideas tailored for South Florida homes. 

Living Room

The living room serves as the heart of the home, a place for relaxation, entertainment, and social gatherings. Dare to stand out with one of these unique wall covering ideas. 

Textured Wallpaper 

Gone are the days of flat, uninspiring walls. Textured wallpaper brings depth and character into your South Florida living room, offering a tactile experience that can mimic materials like sand, grasscloth, or even embossed leather. With endless patterns and designs, textured wallpapers can complement any decor style, from tropical chic to modern minimalist. 

Wood Panels 

Eco Wood Panel (Wood Plastic Composite) from Luzzo Building Materials
Eco Wood Panel (Wood Plastic Composite) from Luzzo Building Materials

Incorporate a touch of natural elegance into your living space with wood panels. There are a number of different wood panel designs available for South Florida homes. Trending panels include the slat wall panel design ranging from squared edge slats to a fluted panel design, to flat panels in all different color varieties ranging from different wood species such as white oak or walnut, to other painted and textured surface styles. Reclaimed wood, bamboo, or teak can add a warm, rustic charm to your South Florida home, evoking the serene, earthy vibes of the region’s natural landscapes. Wood panels can be arranged in various patterns to create a focal point in your living room, offering beauty and a nod to sustainable design. 

Digitally Printed Glass 

Step into the future of home decor with digitally printed glass. This innovative wall covering transforms any high-resolution image or pattern into a stunning visual display in your living room. From serene beach scenes to abstract art, digitally printed glass is a conversation starter and practical, offering a durable and easy-to-clean surface that’s perfect for South Florida. 

Venetian Plaster 

If digitally printed glass takes you to the future, Venetian plaster is a blast from the past that mixes marble dust and plaster. It’s inspired by a technique used by Romans centuries ago. But while originally only trained craftspeople could apply it, you can buy modern Venetian plaster in home centers and paint stores to do it yourself with minimal training. The result? An easy-to-use material that looks like natural stone, marble, or polished limestone for far less. 


The kitchen is often considered the heart of the home, especially in South Florida, where cooking and dining are integral to our way of life. A well-chosen wall covering can make your kitchen not only more inviting but also more functional.  

Stone Cladding 

Incorporate the timeless beauty of nature into your kitchen with stone cladding. This durable material brings a touch of sophistication and earthiness to your culinary space. Choose from various stones like marble, granite, or slate to create a stunning backsplash or accent wall that is both heat-resistant and easy to maintain, ideal for the demands of a busy kitchen. 

Metallic Tiles 

Give your kitchen a sleek, contemporary edge with metallic tiles. These shiny accents can brighten up the room and add an element of luxury. Whether used as a backsplash or an accent, metallic tiles will make a statement and reflect the modern vibes of South Florida living. 

Chalkboard Paint 

Unleash your creativity and practicality with chalkboard paint. This versatile option allows you to customize your kitchen walls, turning them into a menu board, a recipe repository, or a place for family messages. Chalkboard walls add a fun, interactive element to your kitchen, making it indeed the heart of the home. 


Your bedroom is your private retreat for relaxation, reflection, and rejuvenation. Explore these unique wall covering ideas to create a personal sanctuary that calms and inspires. 

Fabric Wall Panels 

Fabric wall panels bring a sense of softness and luxury to your bedroom, transforming it into a cozy haven. Choose from various textures, from velvet to silk, to add depth and warmth to your space. These panels not only enhance the aesthetic appeal of your room but also offer acoustic benefits, absorbing sound for a quieter, more peaceful environment. 

Photographic Murals 

Personalize your sleeping space with a large-scale photographic mural. Whether it’s a serene beach sunset, a lush tropical forest, or an abstract artistic composition, a mural can dramatically alter the mood and dimensions of your room.  

Cork Walls 

Embrace nature and texture with cork walls. This sustainable material adds a unique visual and tactile element to your bedroom, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere. Cork is also naturally sound-absorbing, making it an excellent choice for a quiet, restful bedroom. Its neutral color palette works well with various design styles, from minimalist to bohemian, complementing your South Florida home’s aesthetic. 


The bathroom should be a place of relaxation and rejuvenation, a personal spa where you can unwind after a long day. Here are some wall covering ideas that combine functionality with flair for your bathroom. 

Pebble Tiles 

Create a serene, spa-like atmosphere in your bathroom with pebble tiles. These natural stones bring an earthy, zen feel to your space, reminiscent of a tranquil South Florida beach. Pebble tiles are perfect for shower floors or as accent walls, providing a unique texture and slip-resistant surface that is both beautiful and practical. 

Vinyl Wallpaper 

Modern vinyl wallpapers offer endless design possibilities while being ideally suited for the humid conditions of a bathroom. From vibrant patterns that reflect South Florida’s lively culture to subtle textures for a more serene space, vinyl wallpaper is durable and easy to clean. It can transform your bathroom into a stylish sanctuary. 

Mirror Tiles 

Expand your bathroom space visually with mirror tiles. They add light and depth, making smaller bathrooms feel larger and more luxurious. Mirror tiles can be used as an accent feature or cover entire walls, reflecting light beautifully and adding an elegant touch to your personal spa. 

Large-Format Porcelain Slabs 

Some people have a soft spot for large porcelain slabs, but until a few years ago, they were a rare find, only available in European markets. Now, they’ve made the jump across the pond, and you can get them from several American manufacturers. If you’re tired of the grid look of traditional tiles and are ready for something truly unique, these extra-large slabs will give your bathroom a marbled look with a seamless surface that has minimal joints and grouts. 


In South Florida, outdoor living spaces are just as important as the indoors, offering a sunny retreat for relaxation, entertainment, and connection with nature. Transform your patio, balcony, or backyard into an inviting extension of your home with these innovative wall covering ideas. 

Mosaic Tiles 

Mosaic tiles can add color, pattern, and artistry to your outdoor walls, reflecting South Florida’s vibrant culture and the natural beauty of the surrounding landscape. Choose from glass, ceramic, or stone mosaics to create stunning designs that can withstand the elements and enhance the aesthetic appeal of your outdoor space. 

Vertical Gardens 

 This living wall covering not only adds a unique visual element to your outdoor area but also improves air quality and reduces noise. Whether you opt for a structured installation with geometric patterns or a more organic arrangement, a vertical garden brings life and color to your walls, creating a serene and natural retreat. 

Painted Murals 

Commission a local artist to create a painted mural that reflects your personal style and the vibrant culture of South Florida. Murals can transform bland walls into spectacular works of art, making your outdoor space a focal point for gatherings or a personal haven for relaxation. Choose themes that resonate with you, from tropical landscapes to abstract designs, and turn your outdoor walls into canvases that tell a story. 

Artificial Ivy 

Want to add green to your yard with no maintenance? Here’s an idea: artificial ivy. This zero-maintenance option fills your outdoor walls with lush greenery minus the watering, pruning, and seasonal care. It’s also durable, resistant to the elements, and may even reduce outside noises a bit, creating the perfect green retreat to go back home to. 

Elevate Your South Florida Home with Unique Wall Coverings 

Whether you prefer the serene touch of fabric wall panels in your bedroom, the sleek look of digitally printed glass in your living room, the natural beauty of stone cladding in your kitchen, the spa-like feel of pebble tiles in your bathroom, or the vibrant energy of painted murals in your outdoor spaces, the possibilities are endless. 

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