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Syllis Cawker Discusses: “Design Trends 2016.″

Global authority Pantone
forecasts Rose Quartz and Serenity Blue as the 2016 colors!


We agree to say:  NO to Pink
for Girls and Blue for Boys!

Once upon a time, Rose Pink
was just for baby girls. Well, say “Hello” to sexy and sweet Rose Quartz!
Besides bringing warmth to any room… mingle it with Gold on any wall or wear it
on jewelry. You will find it will reveal Pink and Gold Gorgeousness!


While Blue is still the shade
for boys, it doesn’t necessary need to be as boring as it sounds. Hot injections of
crisp dark blue can add instant refinement to a room. Blue also removes
pretensions from any formal living room, bringing serenity and a soothing
sense of peace. Blend the blue with one of the 50 shades of Gray to cause a
Great Graciousness room!


Changing times and color
trends have seen a shift in the spectrum. Pairing Rose Quartz & Serenity
Blue raises a gender statement breaking the history of “Pink for Girls” and “Blue for Boys!”


~~ By Syllis Cawker of SySy Interiors ~~

Syllis Cawker

Syllis Cawker is originally from Brazil, and moved to San Diego in 1994 to live the “Californian Dream.” She attended to the Design Institute of San Diego-DISD, where she pursued a Bachelor’s degree of Fine Arts in Interior Design. Upon graduation, Syllis received hands-on training and experience at a well-known architecture firm, where she developed an even greater technical proficiency in design and work ethic.

From the West to the East Coast, Syllis has been exceeding client expectations and providing a stress-free journey to a beautiful home, ensuring the highest level of personalized service all along the way. Her design consultations involve a personal focus for each client. Rather than working in a “signature style,” she develops each home design based on the unique personality and lifestyle of her client so that the home reflects the taste and beauty within each individual’s aesthetic vision. With great regards to our Environment, Syllis truly believes in Sustainable and Green Design’s implementation as the only tools to a healthy living future.


José Pinto

A native of Brazil, José established a second home in the United States in 1990. Before his arrival in North America, José enjoyed success in Brazil as a trained architect specializing in private estates and creating highly stylized murals for them, which ultimately led to his passion for painting elaborate trompe-l’oeil and canvas paintings. An active participant in the Brazilian art scene, José has gained recognition in numerous expositions, such as, among others, the prestigious Salão de Arte Contemporânea in São Paulo, as well as the Salão de Artes Armando Vianna in Rio de Janeiro, and in the exposition Saguão do Diário de Mogi in São Paulo, which featured exclusively Zé’s artwork. José continues to contribute to the artistic patrimony of his native country and has recently donated a series of canvas paintings depicting key biblical scenes to the Cathedral of São José in Severínia, São Paulo, which resulted in widespread media coverage. José is equally active in the local art scene of his second home of south Florida. Indeed, his artwork graces the walls of private estates, offices, and restaurants not only throughout the south Florida region but in New York and San Francisco as well. José has participated in three south Florida Junior League Show house events. For each he created distinctive trompe-l’oeil murals and his work has been featured in numerous local media venues, such as The Sun-Sentinel, Palm Beach Post, Miami Herald, and Ocean Drive magazine.


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