The Relationship Between the Interior Designer and the Client

By Viviana Galetto-Malave of VGM Decorators Inc.

At the Miami Home
Show, guests have an opportunity to discuss their home décor and improvement
ideas with one of our featured Interior Designers.

It’s important to build an enduring relationship of
confidence with the client. A respectful relationship will make the design
process feel smooth and creates a bond that will last for many years through
many more projects. When we work closely with our clients, paying detailed
attention to their needs, we create an inviting environment where ideas can be
exchanged. A good working relationship allows for the creation of the
unexpected and for sophisticated spaces.

The better understanding we have of the requirements for
a client’s space, the better the outcome we are going to achieve for a project.
This is important for all types of clients, private or corporate, as the work
might entail focusing our aesthetic efforts towards functional spaces for
different needs. The designer needs to have a good understating of the possible
uses for the determined spaces and an even better sensitivity to the client’s
tastes. Maintaining a design guide and thoroughly consulting in the beginning
and throughout the process will produce the best results.

On both ends, it is very important to remain flexible and
to keep communication open to be able to express ideas and approach the
aesthetic and functional goal. Having a designer that is present and available
to coordinate the process is imperative, as the intricacies of accomplishing
the design desired needs close attention. Most importantly, being aware that
just like in the field of the arts, it is the process that is the most
revealing, so making this as enjoyable as we can will allow the relationship to
grow between the designer and client. 

Viviana will be designing a room vignette for Glenna Milberg of WPLG Local 10. Stop by Aisle 4000 and visit Viviana!

About Viviana

Long before getting her first formal training in
Argentina as an Interior Decorator, Viviana Galetto-Malave discovered her
passion for design. After more than 20 years of transforming space into a
balance of composition of color, light and style, Viviana has developed a keen
eye for detail. No two projects ever look alike, as she designs each one
according to her client’s unique vision and style. By listening to her clients,
she is able to visualize, create and fulfill their quest of having a
personalized home that is both comfortable and beautiful. Working in a range of
styles from Traditional to Modern, Viviana never loses track of the importance
of respecting budgets and deadlines. After starting her own company, VGM
Decorators Inc., many years ago, she now offers creative workshops in the new
location for those who are more do-it-yourself. Viviana enjoys helping people
capture and interpret their style.

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