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Welcome to the Home Design and Remodeling Show’s Design
Blog! In the weeks leading up to our Miami Show, we’ll be placing the spotlight
on one of our featured Interior Designers. We’ll be talking about Interior
Design Trends 2016

Give us your feedback and let us know what you think, as
well as what products and style ideas you hope to find at the Home Show. We’re
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Meet Renan Rodriguez of RoZu Design Solutions

Renan and his team are passionate about Interior Design.
They use color, dimension and texture to create vibrant, beautiful and
comfortable spaces.

Wallpaper is Back!

Wallpaper always
has been one of the most charming ways to dress your walls. Back in the 1950’s
and 60’s everybody enjoyed having their homes fully covered with it. The trends
in interior design changed in the 1980s and 90s, introducing more a combination
of paint colors to cover the walls instead. In the past decade wallpaper has
become more popular again, offering a multitude of options and price ranges.
Also, with a variety of designs such as modern, classic and retro, the sky is
the limit! Nowadays, designers have brought wallpaper to a new level, using it
on accent walls as a way to transform a simple room into a work of art.


Gold Fever!

Finding the perfect
accessories for your home can only compare to finding the perfect pair of earrings
for that special dress, or the perfect tie for your favorite suit. For the past
5 years, gold accessories have been introducing themselves through major
Italian companies. You can find gold finishes in light fixtures, mirrors, vases
and sculptures, bringing a new perspective in décor, giving you a warm, shiny,
modern and classic touch of elegance.


Renan Rodriguez
brings a passion for beauty and design wherever he goes. He has always used
clever, but chic ideas to stand out from the crowd in fashion, design and art.
He got his start creating acclaimed window designs for local stores in his
native Venezuela, and honed his skills in Interior Design by attending the ARO
Academy of Arts.

Today, Renan uses his over 20 years of hands-on
experience with furniture, fabrics, natural elements, color and culture to
transform ordinary living spaces into expressions of aesthetically pleasing
environments that delight the senses and stimulate imaginations. Renan’s love
for design is equal to his love for people and he radiates excitement and joy
de vivre with every client, ensuring wonderful collaborations. When meeting for
a design consultation he can easily discern what the client wants (even if they
don’t know it themselves!) and use this to fulfill their vision and formulate
concepts to develop a strategic roadmap for your combined vision.

With Renan nothing is impossible, no matter the size,
budget, or timeframe. He will work tirelessly with you and manage your project
with excellence using top quality materials and craftspeople, until you are
completely delighted and satisfied. You will be proud to show off your living
space at your next gathering, and more comfortable and efficient in your work
space. And most importantly, you will want to tell your friends and family
about your pleasurable experience. So let RoZu Design Solutions show you how
transforming your environment has never been so easy or affordable!

Stop by and visit Renan at his designer vignette
from March 18th to 21st at the Miami Beach Convention
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